Evelyn, circa 1970

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Since 1969


About Evelyn’s




Since 1969, Evelyn’s Drive In has been serving and satisfying customers from all over the world.  Founded by its namesake, Evelyn DuPont, Evelyn’s Drive In has been owned and operated since 1987 by husband and wife team Domenic and Jane Bitto.  Together, Dom and Jane have worked to incorporate Evelyn’s tried and true recipes, classic seafood fare, and some new fusions, like the lobster chow mein.

Since 2003 Evelyn’s has participated as an event sponsor for Singing Out Against Hunger (SOAH).  SOAH is an organization focused on raising money for the hungry within our own community, and the world.  Please visit SOAH’s site to see more. 


Beginning in 2010, Evelyn’s partnered with local energy producer Newport Biodiesel.  Evelyn’s was able to recycle 28,000 pounds of cooking oil, and Newport Biodiesel was able to generate valuable fuel to power our community.  Keep your eyes
peeled for the

BIOBUG, powered by

clam cakes, chowder and Newport Biodiesel, driven by Jane. 





Jane and Domenic Bitto

    Lobster Chow Mein

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